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The A-Main Podcast

The official podcast of Western PA Sprint Speedweek. The A-Main podcast discusses all major forms of racing in the USA, with a heavy focus on NASCAR and the local racing scene in Western Pennsylvania. You can find the latest episodes from hosts Bill Steinbach and Matt Aland at!

Pittsburgh Racing Now

Devoted to covering local auto racing in Western Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Racing Now tells the stories of the drivers behind the wheel, the mechanics turning the wrenches, the crew chiefs and race strategists, the tracks where the cars are racing and the sponsors who are providing the support that is so crucial to the racing community. Follow along at

Rappin’ on Racin

Live and on the air since 1984, Rappin’ on Racin’ is a leader in breaking news and motorsports coverage. Western Pennsylvania media stalwart Don Gamble and his slew of devoted colleagues weekly shows during racing season that feature special guests, local track reports and driver interviews. Follow along online at

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